Cushion Or Bonding Gum

Singla rubber provides superior quality Bonding Gum which is always ideal to use because of its highly adhesive properties which give perfect adhesion to the tread belt at the time of processing. Bonding gum is a thin film or layer of rubber compound which is used in tyre retreading to bond the worn out tyre and tread rubber/ precured tread liner. It bonds the tread liner and the worn out tyres under pressure and temperature.
It is very essential to use good quality Bonding Gum because it plays a vital role in tyre retreading process since interior quality material may create claim hazard .Singla Rubber are manufacturing two qualities of Bonding Gum, one suitable for the steam bonding process and the second suitable for the electric chamber. Singla Rubber is using imported retarders and accelerators which give fast curing properties and storage stability.
Technical Specifications:
Having control on various factors it gives better results at the time of tread building process such as stretch and good adhesion. Also containing self ageing properties gives longer storage life to our product.
Standard Physical Properties :
Width = 210 – 240 mm ± 5 mm, Thickness = 1.2 mm ± 0.05 mm,
Length = 7.14mtrs, Weight = 5 kg/ roll

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