Camel Back

Camel Back

Singla Rubber Camel back features easy application for the retreader, size accuracy and liability, and a seamless finish with excellent curing.
Singla Rubber Camel Back is available in a variety of formulations which can be stated as follows

1. Developed from a rubber compound which cures in less time, and offers high energy savings and optimized production recommended for car tires.
2. Friction and abrasion resistant, provides good gas mileage. Developed for bias ply tires used on cars and light, medium, and heavy utility vehicles.
3. Compound specifically designed for radial tire retreading. Highly accurate size provides outstanding interaction between casing and mold.
4. Designed for tread replacement when retreading farm and OTR tires are used in low-speed operations. Highly resistant to flexing, cutting and slashing, resulting in outstanding workload performance.



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